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                First successful application of acridinium ester in an automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system manufactured in China

                First successful application of acridinium ester in an automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system manufactured in China

                • Welcome to MEDLAB Middle East 2019

                  MEDLAB Middle East is coming soon. The annual feast will be held in the Dubai World Trade Centre during Feb. 04-07, 2019.

                • 2017 The Global Station—Düsseldorf MEDICA

                  The mountains are higher before climbing. The sea will never see the end without sailing.

                • 2017 The Second Station:Singapore!

                  MEDLAB Asia Pacific will be held at The Sands Expo andConvention Centre, Singapore from Apr 3rd ~ 5th.Still deeply impressed by the warm

                • 2017 HYBIOME Overseas Exhibition - The First Stop Dubai

                  On January 30th - February 9th 2017,HYBIOME attended Arabhealth and Med Lab,both of the exhibition for the Middle East are the veryprofessional event


                AE-180Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

                • Advanced Technological Platform

                  Perfect analytical results are contribute to the advanced chemiluminescence assay platform.

                • Stable Instrument Performance

                  The instrument runs very stable and reliable, with high performance。

                • Fully Reagent Menu

                  With the full immunoassay reagent menu, which can fulfill different requirements of the customers。

                Sales & Service Network

                Development History

                • Established
                • Product R&D
                • Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System Launched
                • Automatic Blood Grouping Analyzer Launched
                • CE Marking
                • Promote the Products Domestic & Overseas
                • 1000 Instrument Installed, 95 Reagent Kits NMPA Registered, 137 Patents Authorized
                • BioMérieux acquired some shares and became the controlling shareholder.
                • To be the Chinese leading enterprise in IVD industry

                Suzhou Hybiome Biomedical Engineering Co. Ltd

                Address: Block 4, No.8, Jinfeng Road, Suzhou, China

                Tel: +86-512-66895311

                Fax: +86-512-66897061

                Email: hybiome@hybiome.com